Yoga for your life,  be healthy, be happy & be relax with experience in Traditional Yoga
in Sri Lanka with Yoga Teacher Maheshe Kodikara

Yoga Jeewaprabha  organizes   yoga retreats in Sri Lanka and we provide all facilities to our guest.

We invite all the interested visitors to have an excellent holiday with experience in Yoga, Pranayama,Meditation as well as Taiji Quan.

Yoga retreats are conducted by Yoga/Taiji Quan Teacher Maheshe Kodikara. He has experience in Yoga for more than 20 years and he is one of the most famouse yoga teacher in Sri Lanka. See link Teacher for more details.

We offer yoga programs to locals and foreigners:
            Classes- General

          Individual Classes

          Group Classes

          Retreats (5-10 Days )

          Yoga Workshop (1 or 2 days, specially designed
          for staff of private & government institutions)

And we can provide yoga teacher  who is able to
visit your place for special retreats over the island 
or overseas.

He conducts yoga retreats as a visiting  teacher in many places
not only in Sri Lanka but  in Maldives, Germany also.

As well as  we can arrange special retreat or classes  on your request.

Yoga Retreat   in Germany (Hamburg)
Retreat in 2009 in Germany
More Details....
workshop on 03/10/2010

Call: +94 77 6960367 - Maheshe
         +9477 9837119- Chandima

June 2016
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